Road Frame

Main frame's tubes are made in treated japanese bamboo and laminated wood. The lugs are made in carbon fiber. Performance, durability and safety are all ensured. This bicycle will provide a satisfying performance whether you seek a high ranking in a race, intend to take a bicycle trip around the world, or simply wish to enjoy long-range riding. This material’s vibration absorption surpasses any bicycle frame made in metal or carbon, giving excellent performance in smoothly converting pedaling power to driving force

Beaultiful and versatile

Bicycle painting is refined by traditional Japanese crafts, useful and allows it to shine brilliantly like a work of art

Standard Paint

Use of two colors, black and red on lugs, carefully painted by hand with brushes and natural color on bamboo

Custom Color Example

Small details in mother of pearl and brass powder. Painted in red and black lacquer


BB: BSA/JIS 68mm

Head Tube: Straigth internal diameter of 44mm

Over-lock-nut Distance: 130mm

Removable dropout hanger

700C size wheels

Weight depends on size and design, almost frames are between 1.7kg(3,74lbs) to 2.1kg(4,62lbs)

* Changes in design can be made without prior notice

* If you need a custom geometry contact us

Road fork

Suitable carbon forks to meet our original standard geometry

Curved Blades 1-1/8(Straight Steerer)

Aluminium crown and steerer, fork blades in carbon, black gloss color. Available in 45mm, 50mm and 52.5mm rake. Suitable for all sizes. Weight 545gr.


Custom painted stem, infinite patterns, all hand painted, no stickers. Made to match your frame

24k Japanese Gold leaf

High grade authentic japanese gold leaf with 99% gold content, the same used for centuries in Japan's traditional crafts, here is a example using on a stem

Mother of pearl

Stem painted in wakasa-nuri technique, tiny mosaics in mother of pearl and brass powder accents the texture of pattern

Stem specifications


Column height: 40mm

Length: 50-60-70-80-90-100-110-120mm

Handle clamp diameter: 31.8mm


Material: Aluminum+Carbon

Headset Spacers

Small details, big difference

Made in japanese madake bamboo

Not only used in our frames, madake bamboo is the same used in many traditional crafts as Yumi (japanese archery bow) and Shinai (Kendo's sword). You can get from us light and beautiful custom spacers, sizes from 10mm(5mm increments)


Are natural materials strong enough?

Bamboo is a very strong material with the tensile strength of 300-500MPa, similar to steel with 400–550MPa. Bamboo is not stiffer as carbon composites but much more crash-resistant very suitable for sometimes harsh conditions of cycling. We use madake bamboo (Phyllostachys bambusoides) the most common species in Japan. We also use laminated wood(hardwood and softwood) on chain stays and seat tube, as bamboo wood has a great weight to strength ratio.


As any other material used to make bicycles, our bicycles need a usual check and maintenance. The frames are painted with several layers of epoxy, lacquer and the last layers it is used two parts clear urethane with UV protective actives, protecting from the weather, moisture and insect attack. Even with the UV clear coat, we recommend avoiding storing our painted products in full sunlight, over time the UV rays may degrade the color of the paint.

Delivery time

Depends on the art and complexity of the order, the chosen design and the number of ordered items. Most goods are delivered in approximately two to four months. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.